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  • Green Cleaning

  • Cleaning practices are an afterthought for many business owners. Sure, you want your offices and facilities to look tidy and presentable. But perhaps you don’t pay much attention to the products or procedures that make it that way. Spending money on environmentally friendly cleaning products – or a professional “green” cleaning service – may not seem worth it.

    Green cleaning offers many benefits beyond just being environmentally friendly — and it’s not as price prohibitive as it used to be. Not only are eco-friendlier cleaning practices good for the Earth, they are less toxic to the indoor air that you, your employees or clients breathe every day.

    If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to consider making the switch. Many businesses and consumers have been deterred because of the higher costs of buying green products or services. But those extra cost premiums have come down significantly in recent years, as green cleaning becomes more commonplace. Fleming’s commercial cleaning and charges the same price, for using green cleaning products.

    In the rare instance that any of your employees has an aversion to the smell of cleaning products that have been used in your facility, we can use an alternate product that will be less offensive and more appealing.  Many times, the “GREEN” product has lower VOC’s which can reduce these issues.

    Want to implement green cleaning practices effectively in your business? Call Fleming’s Cleaning Service for “Green” cleaning options you’ll breathe easier!