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    Post Construction Clean Up

    Any construction project whether big or small, long-term or quick, will leave behind some dust and dirt. So whether it’s a commercial or residential project, a do-it yourself disaster area or a contractor who’s left behind a trail, you may want to consider hiring Flemings's Cleaning Service for post construction clean up to finish up the job and take care of the clutter.

    Relying on Flemings Cleaning service for assistance with this task is a great investment. We offer 2 options options:  Touch-Up Cleaning, and Extensive Cleaning, each service is sure to satisfy even the smallest post construction cleaning need!

    Touch-Up Cleaning 

    Our touch up cleaning service consists primarily of the basics when it comes to cleaning services: every surface is dusted, wiped down and polished, and floors are vacuumed. Touch-Up cleaning is generally called-for post-inspection to erase traces left behind by contractors and inspectors. The reality is that new construction and remodeling result in dust. Removing dust it for good calls for the services of a crew like Flemings Cleaning Service that has the right equipment on hand.

    Extensive Cleaning 

    If you need more our extensive cleaning Is a more comprehensive process in terms of the post construction clean up services provided. Professionals at Flemings cleaning service Service ensure that your mirrors and window glass are polished while the wood gleams. The extensive cleaning generally occurs on a job site when a project is concluding, or is close to completion. Interiors and exteriors are cleared of debris, dirt and trash; appliances, countertops, and office equipment are cleared of labels and protective coverings, dusted, wiped-down and polished; bathrooms are disinfected and sanitized; and windows and mirrored surfaces are scraped of labels and shined. Your construction workers will most likely clean as they go, but they do not always have our tools and supplies. Contractors’ reputations are on the line, and owners desire to promptly occupy the space post-inspection, anything less than perfection is unacceptable to Flemings service team of professional cleaners.

    Flemings Cleaning Attention to Detail

    At Flemings Cleaning Service we don’t just sweep dirt under the rug. We have the crews to clean up the junk and the equipment to get rid of the garbage swiftly and efficiently. The post construction clean up that Fleming's provides has attention to every detail, with no surface left untouched, inside or out, and finishes with everything in its proper place before the all-important final inspection.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our post construction clean up service, our pride in our workmanship comings shinning through with every service. Commercial customers throughout central Massachusetts count on Flemings to clean up even the worst cleaning problems in their office or warehouse facilities.