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  • Recycling Compliance

  • Fleming’s Cleaning Service can be a key contributor to your office recycling program.

    We can help you through this process in the following steps:

    Deciding how to collect and dispose of the recyclables. There are many different types of paper products, like printer paper, magazines, cardboard, and construction paper. You can separate each specific type, which can be make your recyclables more valuable if you're disposing of them at a drop-off center and could increase employee awareness about the specifics of recycling.  Flemings’ can help in this sorting process by delivering your cardboard to a drop off location in your facility and keep your trash separated for non-contaminated paper products.

    You could also collect all paper products in one bin, and plastics in another, in a method called commingled collection. This is less work, but the materials could be contaminated easily when they are mingled together.

    Your toner cartridges maybe be subject to recycle return rewards credits, we can consolidate this all to a single pick up or shipping point for your staff.

    Many of our customers are located in municipalities with recycling services, or are located in office complexes where the management is responsible for waste disposal. We will work with whoever takes care of your waste to arrange for proper disposal and pickup of whatever materials you recycle, too.

    Whatever your requirements you can count on Fleming’s Cleaning Service to assist in compete compliancy to local rules and regulations